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Term Definition
C, C+, C++

a high-level language that can be used in application software.


Computer-Aided Design is the use of high-resolution graphics in a wide range of design activities, allowing quick evaluation and modification.


Computer-Aided Engineering is the analysis of a design for basic error-checking, or to optimize manufacturability.


the process of determining the capacity or scale graduations of a measuring instrument.


Computer-Aided Manufacturing is the use of computer technology to generate data to control part or all of a manufacturing process.


Controller area network


Computer-Aided Process Planning is a management framework for data that assists the functions of process planning in manufacturing.


Computer-Aided Software Engineering is the use of object-oriented programming and other techniques to streamline generation of programming code.


Compact-Disc, Read-Only Memory systems use digitized multimedia signals to recreate text, video, and graphics. A data-storage medium using the same physical format as audio compact discs. CD-ROM is popular for distribution of large databases, software, and especially multimedia applications.

Cell control

a manufacturing unit consisting of two or more workstations or machines and the materials, transport mechanisms and storage buffers that interconnect them.
Changeover time The time required to modify a system or workstation, usually including both tear-down time for the existing condition and set-up time for the new condition. Typically associated with a switch to new product.


Computer-Integrated Manufacturing is the increased integration of business and manufacturing functions through application of information technology; the use of computers in all aspects of manufacturing, with integration of functions and control in a hierarchy of computer systems.


a communications path between two points.

Circuit Switching

A method of establishing a dedicated communications path between two or more locations through one or more switching nodes. Data is sent in a continuous stream; the data rate is constant; the delay is constant and limited to propagation times; and a dedicated end to end path remains in effect until the communication is terminated.

Circular interpolation

Coordination of two independent motion axes to produce an apparent circular motion. It's done through a series of straight line approximations via software algorithms.


a user's workstation in a client/server architecture. The client serves as a user interface processing time-consuming tasks to distribute the computing load from the server.

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