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Term Definition
Machine vision

1) A computer perception of a visually based sensory output used to produce a concise description of an image. 2) Devices used for optical non-contact sensing to receive and interpret automatically an image of a real scene in order to obtain information or to control a process.


A kind of computer shorthand that reduces many commands to one, making it easy to activate frequently-used functions.

Magnetic contactor

A device used to open or close.


products manufactured to specific customer order configuration and delivery time specifications.


products manufactured for finished-goods storage before a customer order arrives.

Management by Fact

A key focus of total quality management. Means all employees manage the work they do by collecting objective data and making decisions based on this information.

Manual Reset (Adjustment)

The adjustment on a proportioning controller which shifts the proportioning band in relationship to the set point to eliminate droop or offset errors.

Manual Reset (Switch)

The switch in a limit controller that manually resets the controller after the limit has been exceeded.


Manufacturing Automation Protocol is a specification for a suite of communication standards developed initially by General Motors and based on the OSI reference model.

Mass Flow Rate

Volumetric flowrate times density, i.e. pounds per hour or kilograms per minute.

Materials handling

the process, which includes mechanical handling, of transporting and positioning raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in connection with industrial operations, by conveyors, cranes, trucks, hopper feeds, and other equipment.

Maximum Operating Temperature

The maximum temperature at which an instrument or sensor can be safely operated.


Manufacturing Execution Systems are plant-floor management systems that allow downloading recipes and work schedules, and uploading production results, thereby bridging the gap between business and plant-floor or process control systems.


One thousandth of an amp, 10-3 amps, symbol mA.


Unit of electromotive force. It is the difference in potential required to make a current of 1 millampere flow through a resistance of 1 ohm; one thousandth of a volt, symbol mV.

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