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Optical Character Recognition is the machine recognition of characters by light-sensing methods.


an Original Equipment Manufacturer provides final systems made from assemblies and subassemblies from other manufacturers.


The difference in temperature between the set point and the actual process temperature. Also, referred to as droop.


operator interface; the hardware and software that shows an operator the state of a process


Object linking and embedding

On/off Controller

A controller whose action is fully on or fully off.


Object Oriented Programming


OLE for process control


OPC data access


OPC data exchange

Open Circuit

The lack of electrical contact in any part of the measuring circuit. An open circuit is usually characterized by rapid large jumps in displayed potential, followed by an off-scale reading.

Open systems

an approach to computing that allows the interconnectability of systems based on compliance with established standards.

Operating system

a structured set of system programs that controls the activities of a computer system by managing memory, tasks and communications.

Operator interface

a physical link between the human operator and a computer system, typically consisting of a graphical representation.


A process of orchestrating the efforts of all components toward achievement of the stated aim so everyone gains.

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