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Term Definition
Valid Requirements

Procedures, specifications, plans or policies which meet the needs of the customer(s) and are current, realistic, understandable, measurable, achievable and compatible with other requirements. When conformed to, valid requirements yield quality.

Value Added

Activities or work essential to ensure a product or service meets the needs of the customer.

Value engineering

a total approach to design that achieves improved performance and quality by stressing simplicity and integration of design and manufacturing techniques.


Principles or qualities which are worthwhile and govern the operation of total quality management.


a Value-Added Reseller.


A factor that can be altered, measured, or controlled.

Variable data

Numerical information that can be changed during application operation. It includes timer and counter accumulated values, thumbwheel settings, and arithmetic results.


Periodic or sporadic changes or deviations within a process.


A two-electrode semiconductor device with a voltage-dependant non-linear resistance that drops markedly as the applied voltage is increased. It is used to suppress transient voltage surges.


Visual basic for applications


Video Display Terminal.


A quantity that denotes both magnitude and direction. Vectors are commonly represented by a line segment with an arrow; the length represents the magnitude; the orientation in space and the placement of the arrow at one end of the line represents the direction.

Vector quantity

A quantity that denotes both magnitude and direction in relation to a given frame of reference. Examples of quantities that are vectors are displacement, velocity, force, and magnetic intensity.


A vector quantity that denotes both magnitude (e.g., speed) and direction in relation to a given frame of reference.

Velocity loop

A feedback control loop in which the controlled parameter is motor velocity. Usually uses a tachometer for a feedback device.

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