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Move-series AT pitch timing belts last up to four times longer than standard polyurethane belts. They feature an optimized tooth face and a laminate coating that increases stiffness, tensile strength and tooth shear strength. Get higher safety factor and reduce belt size while maintaining strength. Available in open-ended for linear drive and BFX truly endless for power transmission. On your next AT timing belt order, make the move!
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The Meca500 is the best-in-class micro-manipulation robot for pick and place, assembly, dispensing, machine tending, and testing & inspection applications. With a 330mm reach and payload of 0.5kg, the Meca500 has the agility and payload to work in even the most challenging environments.

With its low price and accurate performance, the Meca500 industrial robot arm is perfect for your micro-manipulation application.
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Product availability, documentation including data sheets/certifications/manuals and your pricing… All available with a couple of clicks 24/7 @shop.murr.ca

Need to build your project list? Our filters/picture search allow you to find what you need easily. Create your project list and export the file into your ERP system.

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We focus on safety solutions that increase your productivity and machine availability by providing the hardware, software and services for the safe operation of industrial machinery. From the initial safety design, to risk assessments and mitigation strategies, we provide you with consultations, documents, products, and support. Wieland Functional Safety Experts can help bring your project into compliance with CE, ISO 12100, ANSI B11, and all other relevant safety standards.
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Join us on June 4 for the Canadian Automation Leadership Summit 2024 (CALS 24), an event that will bring together leaders, visionaries and experts to discuss the latest automation solutions shaping Canadian manufacturing. Through a series of engaging sessions, industry experts will share best practices, actionable strategies and compelling real-world case studies. Connect with Automate Canada members to explore automation opportunities.
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