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Effortlessly increase bandwidth throughput by up to 50 percent while leveraging existing Ethernet network infrastructure. The off-the-shelf hardware converts video data into GigE Vision compliant packets transmitted at up to 1.5 Gbps throughput rates over existing 1 Gbps infrastructure. Pleora’s patented lossless compression algorithm ensures original and post-compression data are identical while supporting ultra-low latency performance for mission-critical machine vision applications.
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Based in Barrie, Ontario, Black Controls Company Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing, and programming turn-key tailored automated systems.

Backed by a dedicated and talented team, Black Controls offers an array of capabilities and solutions - including AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots) MIR robots. These robots provide improved efficiency, reliability, safety of material handling, and logistics.

Discover how Black Controls can integrate their capabilities into your facility or next project.
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Robotiq’s Palletizing Solution is designed to make automation accessible, no matter your robotics knowledge level. All workers can operate and teach the Cobot hundreds of recipes (SKUs/pallets) for easier and faster changeovers, risk-free.

The user-friendly programming interface of the UR robot arm is perfect for small-scale palletization applications with up to 20kg payload capacity and a maximum pallet height of 2750mm. This adaptable robot can be reprogrammed and relocated throughout your facility, making it an ideal solution for managing seasonal demands and labor fluctuations.
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Discover why leading machine builders are choosing PC-based control systems over traditional PLCs to optimize operations and simplify technological integration.

Our guide covers how PC-based controls have proven to drive cost savings, improve commissioning time and help you take advantage of industry 4.0 technologies using our high-performance industrial PCs.
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Easily connect sensors and actuators in the field with Phoenix Contact’s circular connectors. Phoenix Contact offers the largest range of robust connectors on the market, from M5 to M58. Preassembled signal and power cables with connectors in sizes M17 to M40 cover numerous industrial signal applications.

The comprehensive product line includes versions from 6 to 17 positions, IP67 degree of protection for a reliable seal, and end-to-end shielded cabling.

From small to large, straight or angled, the molded cable assembly portfolio from Phoenix Contact meets every requirement.
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Join us on February 21 at 1 pm ET for our virtual event Automate to Innovate 2024. Discover how automation can propel businesses of all sizes to new heights, even in today's challenging market conditions. Explore how cutting-edge technologies and solutions can not only address current obstacles but also pave the way for future success. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from industry experts and thought leaders on how to stay ahead of the curve.
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Advance: Women in Manufacturing is your chance to connect with industry experts and thought leaders whose shared goal is to promote gender equity, diversity and inclusion in Canadian manufacturing. Influencers in the Canadian manufacturing sector, as well as women who have trailblazed in their careers, will facilitate conversations on moving the dial and advancing women into positions of their choice.
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