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Robotiq’s Palletizing Solution is designed to make automation accessible, no matter your robotics knowledge level. All workers can operate and teach the Cobot hundreds of recipes (SKUs/pallets) for easier and faster changeovers, risk-free.

The user-friendly programming interface of the UR robot arm is perfect for small-scale palletization applications with up to 20kg payload capacity and a maximum pallet height of 2750mm. This adaptable robot can be reprogrammed and relocated throughout your facility, making it an ideal solution for managing seasonal demands and labor fluctuations.
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WAGO’s Edge Devices combine the duality of today’s smart connected world. They provide straightforward connection to Cloud services paired with deterministic PLC control. The Edge Controller can run high speed and complex applications using its quad-core processor and Linux-based real-time operating system supporting IIoT protocols such as MQTT, OPC UA and Sparkplug. Control engineers and software developers can leverage the Edge Computer’s openness to operate their edge of network applications.
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Based in Barrie, Ontario, Black Controls Company Inc. specializes in designing, manufacturing, and programming turn-key tailored automated systems. Backed by a dedicated and talented team, customers can expect tailored automated systems designed to fit highly specific needs.

With clients spanning across multiple industries, including Automotive, General Industry, and Contract Sterilization, Black Controls has extensive industry knowledge that they can apply to your unique application.

Discover how Black Controls can integrate their capabilities into your facility or next project.
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Join Mike DeGrace, ecosystem success manager at UR, on July 25 for a FREE webinar on emerging trends in collaborative automation. Learn about the most exciting new technologies and partnerships in the UR+ ecosystem and emerging cobot use cases.
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Join us on July 3 at 1 pm ET for a free webinar on streamlining safety standardizing processes for enhanced productivity. Nicholas Breedlove from Prometheus Group will share insights on best practices to revolutionize your safety approach, unlocking cost savings, mitigating risks and driving operational excellence.
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