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Robotiq’s Palletizing Solution is designed to make automation accessible, no matter your robotics knowledge level. All workers can operate and teach the Cobot hundreds of recipes (SKUs/pallets) for easier and faster changeovers, risk-free.

The user-friendly programming interface of the UR robot arm is perfect for small-scale palletization applications with up to 20kg payload capacity and a maximum pallet height of 2750mm. This adaptable robot can be reprogrammed and relocated throughout your facility, making it an ideal solution for managing seasonal demands and labor fluctuations.
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Hammond offers a broad range of Heavy Duty Wallmount Enclosures. Built to withstand harsh industrial conditions, perfect for wet / hose-down environments and outdoor use - offering full weather protection. Ideal for processing plants, utilities, outdoor municipal areas, or petrochemical locations, and where easy, yet secure access is essential. Constructed in durable 14 gauge steel, and 304 or 316 stainless steel, featuring a seamless poured-in place gasket, a sturdy piano hinge and a rugged 3 point handle.
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With over 20 million products globally and 80 sextillion part configurations for automation, press die, and plastic mold applications, MISUMI is the most comprehensive, user-friendly engineering resource for a variety of industries all over the world. As both a manufacturer and distributor, MISUMI offers an unmatched, one-stop-shop to meet customer specifications, and is committed to empowering customers to do incredible design work incredibly fast.
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Join us on April 3 at 1 pm ET for an educational webinar on “Optimizing Compact Controllers: Solutions for I/O flexibility and cloud connectivity.” Learn about the transformative potential of WAGO’s Compact Controller 100 (CC100). Charlie Norz, product manager at WAGO will discuss secrets of compact controller technology for optimal performance with low I/O counts, harnessing the power of IEC 61131-3-compatible languages; connect to cloud services with embedded MQTT and OPCUA protocols and more.
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