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Manufacturing is transforming rapidly. To stay competitive, manufacturers must embrace new technologies and strategies today. Get insights for future success with the IFS and IDC Infobrief: “Future of Manufacturing.” Learn to enhance productivity, flexibility, and performance through digitization, workforce development, sustainability initiatives, and supply chain innovations. Begin your future-proof journey now.
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Small, but packs a punch!
In only 22.5mm the new standalone base controller PNOZ m C0 offers plenty of functions in a compact housing. 8 safe inputs and 4 safe semiconductor outputs . Whether emergency stop, safety gate monitoring, light curtain or two-hand operation, see for yourself how the software tool PNOZmulti Configurator realises your safety requirements simply, flexibly and intuitively.
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Phoenix Contact's expertise spans a wide range of applications so that you can make power, control, and network connections with absolute confidence. Whether your connection is on a printed circuit board, through an enclosure, or to a field device, you can trust Phoenix Contact for consistent quality, reliability, and high performance -- every time.
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Flip through the official show guide for German Technology Day 2023 for registration details, exhibitor profiles and more. Twenty-two prominent companies with expertise in automation and advanced manufacturing are coming together for the annual event.
The Mississauga edition of GTD 2023 takes place on Oct. 26 and the Montreal edition takes place on Nov. 16.
Learn more about the companies, the founders and what to expect at the event.
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Check out MA’s Connected Manufacturing Technology Handbook to learn more about the latest products, technologies and solutions shaping the market.
  • Beckhoff: Control your destiny with customizable machine analytics
  • Murrelektronik: Cube 67+, a leading decentralized control system solution
  • WAGO: The WAGO IoT Box – Transform your industrial monitoring and optimization processes
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The Future of Automation: 2023 Technology Forum shared insights from industry experts on the different automation options available to manufacturers for a strong and secure future.

Now watch all the sessions at your convenience for information on tools, technologies and applications that help manufacturers future-proof their facilities and businesses.

Hear about the latest solutions from technology leaders Epson, Festo, Phoenix Contact and Pleora Technologies!
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