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EMC creates program for Canadian manufacturers to address cybersecurity

October 31, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

October 31, 2018 – Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) has created EMC Secure, a new program for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses to develop cybersecurity resources. 

In partnership with N-Dimension Solutions, a cybersecurity technology provider for critical infrastructure, the EMC Secure program will immediately grant over 13,000 active consortium members access to the N-Sentinel cybersecurity technology platform and solutions, which are designed to help mitigate cybersecurity risks that can cause a plant to lose business.

In 2017, 28 per cent of medium-sized and 19 per cent of small businesses in Canada experienced cyber incidents, resulting in an average of 24 and 22 hours of downtime respectively. The average cost of a cyber breach in Canada was $6.11 million in 2017.

“Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue for our manufacturers,” says Al Diggins, chairman of the board of directors, EMC. “The resources and solutions [that] N-Dimension is providing fills a critical need [that] our members have been seeking, providing cybersecurity visibility, intelligence and remediation guidance. Their proven experience within both industry and energy sectors, as well as a deep cybersecurity expertise, fulfills the growing need to protect and strengthen both IT and industrial networks.”


For many small and medium-sized manufacturers, the importance of cybersecurity is not fully understood until it touches their business directly. With the increasing use of automation, advanced manufacturing processes and IoT connecting industry with both customer and supply chains, the EMC says that manufacturers cannot afford to remain unprotected.

Launched in 2015, the N-Sentinel cybersecurity technology platform has been installed in a number of critical infrastructure sectors including electric utilities, water utilities and manufacturing. 

As part of the program launch, EMC and N-Dimension have arranged for member manufacturers to test-drive the platform for 60 days at no cost. The program is available in all provinces and territories.

“We are excited EMC has selected N-Dimension to bring leading-edge cybersecurity solutions to the Canadian manufacturing market,” says William Swan, president and CEO for N-Dimension Solutions. “They have extensive experience and a solid reputation in delivering superior services and programs to manufacturers across Canada, which will help us expand our reach.”

“Manufacturers across Canada (and globally) are more connected today than ever before,” says Shawn Casemore, president of EMC. “With data from ERP systems and equipment being held in the cloud, and the continued growth of online commerce and advanced technologies, our members are highly vulnerable. The EMC Secure program provides our members the protection and support they deserve to avoid disruption and risks to their businesses.”

“Too often we see manufacturers believing they have taken the right precautions, but are actually quite exposed,” says Scott McNeil-Smith, national director of programs and partnerships and cybersecurity program lead for EMC. “Small and medium-sized firms who think they are ‘under the radar,’ and even larger industries with onsite IT management, are finding holes in the boat.”

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, for details on webinars, information briefings and new cybersecurity networking events for EMC members. To access EMC Secure, click here.

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