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Festo debuts electric drive series for simple motion applications

November 29, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION


Festo has created the Simplified Motion Series of electric drives for jobs requiring very simple motion or positioning.

These all-in-one units are alternatives for users looking for pneumatics-like simplicity – with all the necessary components and modules, including the motor and controller incorporated into the one unit, with no external controller, control cabling or control cabinet.

All five of the drives comprising the Simplified Motion Series employ the “plug and work” principle. All parameters can be manually adjusted directly on the drive without any special expertise, software, a computer or other accessories. Digital I/O and IO-Link are included as standard.

With digital I/O, the drive’s speed and force, end positioning and cushioning can be set via touch commands right on the on-board controller. Additional, extended functions are available using I/O Link, like remote setting of motion parameters, or copy and backup for parameter transfers between the drive and a computer.


The Simplified Motion Series is optimized for performing simple movements between two mechanical end positions with special movement characteristics, such as gently cushioned retracting into the end position and simplified press-fitting and clamping functions.

1. ELGS spindle and toothed belt axis slides: The compact spindle variant (ELGS-BS) comes in three sizes for a payload of up to 20 kg. at a max stroke length of 800 mm. The tooth belt variant (ELGS-TB) is ideal as a main axis in a handling system; it’s available in two sizes for up to 1.3 m/s at a max stroke of 2,000 mm. These slides can be mounted with each other or with an EGSS mini-slide.

2. EGSS mini slide: This mini slide provides smooth spindle operations for vertical Z movement or individual guided linear movements in every mounting position. The internal linear guide absorbs transverse loads and provides very good resistance to torsion at high torques. It comes in three sizes with a max stroke of 200 mm.

3. EPCS Electric cylinder: The EPCS performs single linear movements, with a smooth y-running ball screw drive that allows precise, rapid positioning. It’s ideally suited for applications such as positioning, clamping distribution, sorting or ejection, and in handling systems as a simple Z axis. It comes in three sizes with a max stroke of 500 mm.

4. ELGE toothed belt axis: This design is ideal for very simple tasks with low requirements for mechanical load, dynamic response and precision.

5. ERMS rotary drive: For simple swivel tasks as well as for increased mechanical loads. It has a rotary plate with sturdy, precise and backlash-free ball bearings so it can absorb transverse loads and torques. It comes in two sizes, each with a swivel angle of 90 and 180.

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