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FINT releases adapter to connect Modbus devices to WirelessHART

April 23, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Fieldbus International (FINT) has launched a solution for connecting Modbus RTU devices to a wireless network, for example in IIOT applications.

The solution is a DIN rail–mounted WirelessHART adapter with Modbus RTU interface, model T910.

Together with its embedded version of the adapter, model T810, which is tailored for battery operation, these FINT products can connect Modbus devices to WirelessHART networks.

The user simply specifies up to eight variables (floating-point or integer), the status signals, the tag name, and WirelessHART network join credentials (Network ID and Join Key).


When the device is installed and powered up, it automatically scans for and joins the WirelessHART network, and then starts communicating.

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