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GAM releases robotic cycloidal gearboxes

September 14, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Photo: Automation Direct

GAM has added new robotic cycloidal gearboxes to its GCL product series. The new gearboxes are designed to provide precision and rigidity for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications.

The GCL is able to withstand the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots and other motion control applications and has impact resistance. GAM is offering the GCL series in a wide range of sizes with ratios from 36:1 to 192:1.

Component boxes with a solid flanged output (GCLC F) or a hollow shaft flanged output (GCLC-H) are the output options for this product line. The solid flanged output gearbox is also available with a cover and motor mount (GCL-F).

The GCL series can be used in applications where zero-backlash and high tilting and torsional rigidity are required. It is suitable for robotics and automation, among other things.


The series has the following features:

  • Backlash of ≤1 arcmin with lost motion of ≤1 arcmin
  • Withstands the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots
  • Multi-tooth meshing for torsional rigidity
  • Flange output in seven sizes with output torque of 167 to 4410Newton-metres and ratios of 57:1 to 192.4:1
  • Flanged hollow output in six sizes (up to 138 millimetres through hole) with output torque of 490 to 4900 Newton-metres
  • Configurations include: component with loose input shaft or pinion (GCLC-F, GCLC-H); and gearbox with cover, integrated input, and motor mounting plate (GCL-F)
  • Integrated motor adapter plate ready to mount a motor
  • Optional integrated pre-stage

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