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#MATop10Under40: Meet the future leaders of the Canadian manufacturing #automation space. Simon Drexler of @atsautomation, featured in our inaugural Top 10 Under 40 program, is inspiring innovation and change.
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Our team is so excited to share that Maxime Blouin, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Raven, is named Top 10 Under 40 by @AutomationMag!

Learn more about Max and his win here:

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In his latest column, Paul Hogendoorn shares how empowering the right people and encouraging #leaders in the company can help grow your business.
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Plastic Welding Tools Welding
Johnston Industrial Plastics Limited

Johnston Industrial Plastics distributes plastics shapes in many materials. We also have more than three decades of experience distributing Leister and Weg...

					angle valves
Angle Valves
ODE Valve Canada

Canada’s most impressive selection of valves, pumps, and more: this is what we promise at ODE Valve Canada. Our portfolio includes a line of angle valves...

Thermally Conductive Adhesives
Master Bond

Master Bond Inc. features an extensive line of epoxies, silicones and elastomeric products with superb thermal conductivity for demanding electronic applic...

					Electrostatic cleaners imabe
Electrostatic Cleaners
Exair Corporation

EXAIR’s offers a large line of compressed air powered static eliminators are engineered to remove static and help increase throughput! Since static charg...

Thread Forming Screws
Advance Fasteners Ltd

Advance Fasteners Ltd. offers a variety of thread forming screws. Our selection includes thread rolling screws, tapping screws, thread cutting screws, and ...

Frasers Product
Plastic Plugs
M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc

We make plastic plugs that meet your direct specifications. M M Plastics uses custom methods that are proven to provide customers with the right product fo...