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Honeywell Building Solutions, Cora Systems enter second phase of partnership

September 26, 2016
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Sept. 26, 2016 – Cora Systems — a provider of enterprise portfolio, program and project management (EPPM) solutions — has announced Honeywell Building Solutions will implement the second phase of its Cora EPPM solution.

Honeywell Building Solutions is already using Cora for financial control, document management and the consolidation of disparate systems across 51 global sites. The solution, according to Honeywell, allows its project managers, who manage approximately 26,000 live projects everyday, to work from a single platform and with a standard methodology across the organization. “The second phase implementation will deliver further cost savings to Honeywell’s business processes, particularly with its enterprise resource planning,” said the company in a statement.

“In conjunction with our focus on global project management process excellence, the introduction and continuation of the Cora Systems toolset will help us reach our goals — system standardization and driving down costly project deviation,” said Daniel F. Ritch, CIO, Honeywell Building Solutions.

“It’s a real boon for Cora that Honeywell has decided to green-light this second phase,” continued Philip Martin, Cora Systems CEO. “It’s an endorsement of the success we’ve enjoyed together so far on the project, which has a huge scale and impressive results to date. By providing a single repository for project information across dozens of global sites, Honeywell has gained better control and insight, and it’s able to be clever in allocating resources. We’re looking forward to seeing more benefits.”

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