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Honeywell partners with OTTO Motors to offer autonomous material handling solutions

March 25, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Honeywell announced a strategic collaboration with OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath Robotics, to offer automated material handling solutions to all its North American customers.

Honeywell is now able to deploy OTTO Motors’ autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in its customers’ facilities to help them increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve safety.

The AMRs automate the movement of carts used to transport picked orders or returns and can travel over any floor surface smooth enough to handle a traditional cart pushed by a worker. Workers can park carts in designated pickup locations throughout the facility and call robots to retrieve them. The AMRs also offer a flexible way to transport pallets.

OTTO Motors’ AMRs interact safely with human co-workers and other vehicles, find a different route if their original path is blocked, and respond to rapid changes in orders or logistics needs — without human intervention. OTTO AMRs can work in conjunction with Honeywell automated solutions including its Smart Flexible Depalletizer and next-gen AS/RS system.


“OTTO Motors provides autonomous material handling inside manufacturing facilities and warehouses and is the technology behind some of the largest deployments of AMRs in North America,” said Matt Rendall, CEO and co-founder of OTTO Motors. “Our relationship with Honeywell shows we partner with the very best integrators and tech leaders to provide business with industry expertise to automate a wide range of workflows in their facilities.”

The OTTO Motors collaboration gives Honeywell customers a complete suite of fixed and mobile robotics solutions, backed by systems integration, solutions development and round-the-clock technical support.

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