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IDEC Corporation releases smart RFID readers for user authorization

November 27, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

IDEC Corporation has announced the new KW2D series of smart radio frequency identification (RFID) readers.

The IDEC KW2D series intelligent RFID readers are compact UL listed all-in-one devices installed into typical 22mm panel-mount holes right along with other switches, buttons and lights.

RFID systems are useful for machine tools, material handling, and manufacturing machinery for industries like automotive production, food and beverage, life sciences, plastics and others.

Designers can use the IDEC KW2D RFID reader and tags to supersede traditional locking methods, providing advanced user level access and safety-related authorization.


They maintain IP65/67 water-, dust-, and oil-proof ratings, and feature push-in power supply terminals.

A built-in Ethernet port facilitates connectivity to host devices like PLCs and HMIs using Modbus TCP.

Three-colour white/green/red LED lighting is clearly visible from the front and sides – even at a distance – to indicate standby, successful verification or error respectively, while a built-in auxiliary buzzer provides audible feedback of successful and error conditions.

Users can mix-and-match various RFID tag formats: commercial-style cards, wristbands, stickers and IDEC-supplied colour-coded key fob or card-style tags. The key fob tags are available in five colours, are durable for field conditions, and include enhanced encryption compared with other tag types.

RFID tags respond to a short-range radio signal generated by the RFID reader when the two are in close proximity.

The KW2D operates at standard 13.56 MHz high-frequency (HF) providing a reading distance of up to 15mm depending on the tag style. Several ISO/IEC communication speeds (type V, A, or F) are supported.

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