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igus debuts cable management kit for any cobot arm

February 19, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

igus has released a new collaborative robot cable management kit with universally designed hook-and-loop mounting brackets and more than 100 links of the company’s triflex R cable carrier.

triflex R is a multi-axis energy chain designed for use in a wide variety of robotic applications.

Unlike corrugated tubing, it’s designed with ball-and-socket links that enable individual pieces of the system to be replaced if one of them is damaged.

triflex R also has a defined bend radius to ensure the minimum bend radius of cables won’t be violated; a built-in torsion stop for even torsional load between the carrier and the cables; and two chambers for cable separation, which help reduce excessive cable wear.


The kit’s hook-and-loop mounting brackets with a non-skid backing can be fastened around any diameter cobot arm, making it easier for engineers to choose a kit regardless of the robot manufacturer.

The brackets are also easy to install and are designed with rounded edges to reduce the risk of injury for humans interacting with the cobots.

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