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IIC’s latest Journal of Innovation edition focuses on green IT

April 28, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The Industry IoT Consortium (IIC)  has published the newest edition of its Journal of Innovation (JoI), titled Toward a Greener Planet through IoT.

“Industrial IoT creates a world of possibilities for connectivity and automation. It is also critical in creating a more sustainable future,” said Edy Liongosari, chief research scientist at Accenture Labs and chair of the IIC thought leadership task group. “We hope the latest issue of the JoI helps you prioritize investments in green technologies and eco-friendly practices to create a better future.”

The Toward a Greener Planet through IoT edition of the JoI includes the following articles:

  • Green IT: A 360-Degree Scan of Current Research, Projects, and Initiatives – provides an overview of the current state of Green IT research and makes it easier for interested parties and newcomers to get started.
  • Achieving a Sustainable Economy with Digital Product Passports – guides the implementation and management of Digital Product Passports in a supply chain network to achieve a sustainable economy.
  • Decentralized Review System for Transparent and Accountable Governance – presents an example of how blockchain was engineered with encryption, resulting in an accountable-transparent-trusted review system. It is independent of owners and providers of the businesses that deliver goods and services.
  • Leveraging IoT and Blockchain Technology to Automate Risk Management for Nautical Vessels – addresses the deployment and benefits of IoT and Web3 technology to automate risk management protocols that keep boats and the environment safe.
  • BlockBill: The Blockchain-Powered Paperless Billing – describes efforts to predict and prevent wildfires. It proposes a solution for preventing wildfires caused by powerlines with IoT sensors, drones, and predictive analytics.
  • Digital Transformation Value Indicators for a Sustainable and Circular Economy – examines how digital transformation, sustainability initiatives, and smart factories can achieve business and environmental outcomes. It introduces the concept of smart operations, which covers planning, logistics, product design, procurement, and critical elements of sustainable manufacturing.

The JoI highlights the innovative ideas, approaches, products, and services emerging within the industrial internet, including sustainability, trustworthiness, AI, digital twin, data, digital transformation, smart cities, smart factories and edge computing.


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