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Industrial networking library a resource for manufacturers

November 1, 2010
By Mary Del

Rockwell Automation has added five new white papers to its resource library on managing real-time control and information flow throughout the manufacturing and IT enterprise. The new white papers share guidelines, recommendations and best practices for topics crucial to network infrastructures, such as improving network resiliency with device-level ring topologies, protecting network infrastructures to comply with emerging standards, implementing a converged Ethernet infrastructure, and installing security patches to protect industrial computers.

"Forward-thinking manufacturers know that a unified, secure network infrastructure is key to plantwide optimization," said Brian Oulton, networks business manager, Rockwell Automation. "These industrial networking resources arm manufacturers with the guidance needed to enhance their plantwide network infrastructure."

The new white papers include:
Control Level Network Resiliency Using Ring Topologies – This white paper describes how embedded Ethernet technology enables Ethernet ring network topologies at the device level. By providing an overview of these device-level ring (DLR) topologies and a comparison to other ring solutions, the paper shows how DLR produces a single, fault-tolerant network.
Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Assets in Power Generation and Distribution – New regulations require power companies to better protect their networks – therefore, their organizations – from physical and cyber threats. This white paper provides information designed to help companies avoid fines, improve operational efficiencies and better protect their infrastructure.
Guidelines for Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure Implementation – This white paper from Rockwell Automation and Cisco provides guidelines for using EtherNet/IP technology on the manufacturing floor and across the enterprise. Designed to help controls engineers and IT professionals implement a secure network infrastructure, the white paper shows how to improve network performance, security and reliability.
Computer System Security Updates – The real-time information flow between manufacturing and enterprise delivers big benefits, but puts manufacturing computers at risk for viruses, worms and other industrial security threats – unless you apply security patches. This white paper describes best practices for managing patches and protecting your computers.
Stratix Switches Within Integrated Architecture – Industry adoption of EtherNet/IP for control and information has driven the wide deployment of standard Ethernet within plantwide network infrastructures. This white paper outlines the Rockwell Automation Stratix family of managed switches.

The white papers listed above join these existing resources:
Securing Manufacturing Computing and Controller Assets – Securing manufacturing assets requires a comprehensive security model, developed against a set of well-defined security policies that identify security risks and mitigation techniques to address the risks. This white paper shares recommendations for deploying a holistic security policy to help secure manufacturing assets.
Achieving Secure, Remote Access to Plant-Floor Applications and Data – Among the key benefits of adopting an open networking standard is the ability to share plant data, applications and resources with remote engineering personnel and external partners regardless of physical location. This white paper outlines the means to help ensure secure remote access to plant-based applications and data.


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