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Industry IoT Consortium releases the IIOT Artificial Intelligence Framework

March 8, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

The Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) recently announced the release of the Industrial IoT Artificial Intelligence Framework (IIAIF).

The framework highlights the value that AI can bring to next-generation IIOT systems. The framework also addresses the requirements and implementation challenges.

“The rapid growth and innovation in the field of AI have unlocked applications that a few years ago were infeasible. These advances are fueling digital transformation across industry sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, finance, and retail,” said Wael William Diab, chair of IIC industrial AI task group and secretary of IIC steering committee. “By taking a holistic approach to the emerging requirements and challenges, the framework aims to accelerate responsible adoption of AI-enabled IIoT systems and ultimately bring the benefits of digital transformation to more use cases and sectors.”

The IIAIF considers the different aspects of next-generation AI-enabled IIoT systems and brings together both OT and IT perspectives.


For example, the framework addresses the value proposition, implementation challenges and architectural decisions and provides exemplary usage scenarios.

“AI-enabled IIoT systems enable better insights, faster decision making, and more effective operations, and empower organizations to deliver higher value to the market,” said Bassam Zarkout, executive vice-president of IGnPower and the chief editor of the IIAIF. “The framework is unique in terms of positioning, scope, and real-world use cases. It addresses the practical business, trustworthiness, ethical, and technical considerations of AI with other digital transformation enabling technologies.”

The Industrial IoT Artificial Intelligence Framework is available for download.

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