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Kaman releases non-contact displacement measuring system

May 8, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Kaman Precision Products has released the DIT-5200L non-contact displacement measuring system.

The system is ideal for fast-steering mirrors, servo control position feedback, stage positioning and angular displacement indication, as well as X-Y orbit position feedback and stylus position.

Offering differential for common mode rejection, the DIT-5200L provides advanced precision measurement technology with exceptional resolution, repeatability and nulling accuracy.

Applications for the DIT-5200L include laser communications, optical stabilization, and magnetic bearings.


The DIT-5200L features enhancements to Kaman’s previous DIT-5200 product, resulting in lower noise (better resolution) and CE marking.

Capable of sub-nanometer resolution, the DIT-5200L provides thermal stability of ±.03 percent and high sensitivity – up to 10 volts per mil (V/mil), or 39 millivolt/per micron (mV/μm).

With a small package size of only 7.7 cubic inches, the DIT-5200L is linear, to 0.1 percent of the full range, and is available in both single and dual channel configurations.

The DIT-5200L signal conditioning electronics is packaged in a die cast aluminum box with MCX style sensor connections.

Input/output (I/O) is on a nine-pin mini-D connector.

The input power connections are reverse voltage protected.

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