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Kassow Robots introduces its first 7-axis cobot series with controller integrated into the base

April 30, 2024
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Kassow Robots Edge Edition combined with an AMR from Morrell Group. (Photo source: Morrell Group)

Kassow Robots has launched its Edge Edition, the company’s first 7-axis cobots in which the controller is integrated into the base of the robot.

All five of the 7-axis cobots are now available in two versions: the classic variant with a separate controller, and the Edge Edition. Kristian Kassow and his engineering team have reportedly succeeded in miniaturizing the controller so that it now only occupies around 10 percent of the volume of the external controller. The footprint of the Edge edition’s base is compact, measuring 160 by 200 millimetres.

These cobot models are powered by direct current, meaning that they can be directly connected to any DC power supply, for example a battery of mobile robots. There are also 60 accessible IO connections. With these new models, the Copenhagen-based cobot manufacturer aims to make it easier for industrial companies to automate their operations.

The Edge Edition is ideal for simplifying mobile cobot applications. The five 7-axis cobot models, which were developed especially for industrial use, were launched in 2019 and 2020.  The end customers use their 7-axis robots for applications such as CNC solutions and for machine tending, palletizing, labelling, dispensing, packaging, sanding, and more.


Kassow Robots shares in a press statement that companies that cannot expand or reconfigure their production facilities also benefit from the capabilities offered both by the Edge Edition and the five existing 7-axis cobots. It believes that these are especially useful for established SMEs with no additional production space that would prefer to avoid the costs of expansion. SMEs can reportedly benefit from installing Edge Edition on mobile carts that allow employees to operatively move them to whichever location they are needed.

One of the five Edge variants will be presented at the 2024 Automate Show in Chicago: the KR1410 Edge Edition, mounted on an AMR from Morrell Group.

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