Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Glossary Terms
Terms that are used on the Manufacturing Automation website


The force of acceleration due to gravity equal to 32.1739 ft/sec2 or 386 in./sec2.


A measuring device or measuring instrument.


The ratio of the magnitude of the output signal with respect to that of the input signal.

Gain error

The "gain" of an analog input or output is the scale factor that
provides the nominal conversion relationship. Typically, this is the
slope of the line when analog voltage or current is plotted versus the
corresponding digital values. Gain error is the deviation of the scale
factor or slope of the line from the ideal or nominal gain value. Gain
error is expressed in percent of the input or output value.


1) A logic element that blocks or passes a signal, depending on the
status of specified input signals.
2) The control element of an SCR or
of some other solid-state devices.


a special node that interfaces two or more dissimilar networks, providing protocol translation between the networks.

Group technology

a coding and classification system used in CAD for combining similar,
often-used parts into families. This allows them to be retrieved,
processed, and eventually fabricated, in an efficient, economical batch


a type of software designed to raise the productivity of people working
in groups and thought to have application in both engineering and
production functions.


a Graphical User Interface is characterized by using windows, icons and menus.