Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Glossary Terms
Terms that are used on the Manufacturing Automation website


Principally a programming language, but it has been designed by Sun
Microsystems to function as a complete computer operating system. The
purpose of the language has been twofold: to create a single standard
that will run on a variety of competing computer systems, and to solve
vexing computer security problems introduced by the widespread reliance
on computer networks, which are vulnerable to malicious programs like


Just-in-Time is an approach to manufacturing where each operation is closely synchronized with subsequent operations.


To generate motion (continuous or incremental) whenever an operator-activated switch is closed.


The basic unit of thermal energy.

Jump instruction

An instruction that causes the processor to deviate from executing
instructions in order, by jumping to another place in the program.


A short conductor with which you can connect 2 points.


The point in a thermocouple where the two dissimilar metals are joined.