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Luxme International releases automated food-grade bag slitter

March 10, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Luxme International has launched an automated, food-grade bag slitter for safe processing of food products.

The Food Grade MiniLux Automatic Bag Slitter has a sanitary design with a number of FDA-approved components. Multiple access points allow for easy cleanability to ensure allergens and pathogens do not make their way into the food chain.

Capable of opening up to six 25-kg bags per minute, including plastic and kraft paper bags with or without multi-ply plastic inner liners, it is ideally suited for the automatic opening of bulk foods such as dairy products, infant formulas, spices, cake mix, cocoa powder, etc.

An all-in-one conveying, slitting, emptying, integral dust filtering and empty bag compaction unit, the MiniLux also encloses dust emissions.


The optional upgrade of a recovery tumbler – which opens, rotates and tumbles empty bags numerous times to release any remaining product – makes the MiniLux even more cost effective, ensuring 99.9 per cent efficiency depending on the free-flowing characteristics of the product.

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