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Magna expanding operations in Ontario with $470M investment

February 15, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Automotive parts manufacturer Magna is investing more than $470 million to expand its operations across Ontario. The company’s expansion plans include a new battery enclosures facility in Brampton to support the Ford F-150 Lightning and future OEM programs.

In addition, the company is growing in its locations in Guelph, Belleville, Newmarket, Windsor and Penetanguishene. They are supported by $23.6 million in grants from the Ontario government to bring additional jobs to the region with ongoing training and development programs for employees.

“Magna’s roots in Ontario run deep, and we are excited about opening a new facility dedicated to a strategic electrification product. The Brampton facility, coupled with investment and growth in five existing Ontario facilities, allows Magna to keep up with customer demands across several product areas,” said Eric Wilds, Magna Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “We are excited to bring new business, more investment and additional jobs to Ontario.”

Details of the new and expanding facilities include:

  • Brampton: A new 490,000-square-foot leased facility to manufacture battery enclosures for electric vehicles.
  • Guelph: The company is adding e-coat, molding and welding capacity to its exteriors plant to support new electric vehicle production. The expansion will total 120,000 square feet, and production is planned to begin in Q2 2023.
  • Belleville: Magna’s lighting plant is adding to its capabilities for printed circuit board assemblies and will start operations in Q4 2023.
  • Newmarket: The company’s mechatronics facility which produces vehicle access systems including side door latches, electronic control units, and power systems, is growing its business.
  • Windsor: Magna’s mechatronics plant adds new business for powered aluminum tonneau covers. The facility has recently started those operations.
  • Penetanguishene: The company’s mechatronics facility is growing its tailgate hinges production.

“Magna’s decision to expand in six locations across the province showcases Ontario’s advantages in automotive talent,” said Trevor Dauphinee, CEO of Invest Ontario. “By diversifying automotive parts manufacturing across the province, Magna’s investments will strengthen EV supply chains in Ontario.”

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