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MaRS and Innovate UK partner to introduce UK startups in North American markets

October 27, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

MaRS recently announced its partnership with Innovate UK’s Global Incubator Programme to support the international expansion of UK advanced manufacturing companies. Eight ventures will use this program at the Toronto-based innovation hub as their launching base. They intend to find international partners, connections and customers, helping them to scale up in the North American market.

“The partnership will accelerate the North American growth of our UK cohort and strengthen the manufacturing ecosystem here in Canada,” said Jon Dogterom, senior vice-president of venture services at MaRS. “We want to build closer connections between the UK and Canadian innovation economy overall.”

Innovate UK is the U.K. government’s innovation agency. It will create a blueprint for future programs with MaRS and collaborations among accelerators, incubators and private ventures around the world. Similar programs are being tested in other global markets.

The first round of advanced manufacturing companies work with high precision robotics, vision systems driving automated assembly and high-performance additive and composite fabrication. The inaugural companies include a company that has developed an automated real-time inspection system, another pushing the boundaries in additive metal production leveraging electron beam printing technology and a maker of robotic farming harvesters.


The members of the first group of advanced manufacturing ventures are:

  • Conundrum Industrial Limited
  • Fergusson’s Advanced Composite Technology Limited
  • Loop Infinity Ltd
  • Loop Technology Ltd
  • Muddy Machines Ltd
  • Rivelin Robotics
  • True Position Robotics Ltd
  • Wayland Additive Ltd

“Enabling access to the North American market is expected to be an important step in turning these companies into global superstars,” said Jane Kearns, vice-president of growth services at MaRS. “Our MaRS team is globally renowned for helping companies scale to their full potential and we are excited to work with the Innovate UK cohort.”

The Manufacturing Incubation Program takes place over four months. It includes targeted workshops, advisory support and networking opportunities that will help the participants strengthen their value proposition. They will also be able to gain a better understanding of the market opportunities.

The program aims at helping the ventures gain a comprehensive understanding of the shape and needs of North America’s manufacturing community, by integrating the UK ventures into the MaRS ecosystem.

“MaRS gives these promising innovative UK manufacturing ventures a launchpad to the North American market and the potential for exponential growth,” said David Golding, the head of global innovation partnerships at Innovate UK.

The participants will work with MaRS Advanced Manufacturing Program members like NGen and Autodesk Technology Centers, along with other corporate and community collaborators. The program is also being supported by innovation and growth specialists at Innovate UK Edge, to ensure maximum benefit.

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