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Matrox celebrates 45 years in business

December 20, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Matrox is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. Matrox Imaging, which supplies vision software, smart cameras, 3D sensors, vision controllers, I/O cards and frame grabbers to the machine vision industry, is one of the two divisions of the company.
Innovation has been to developing the brand’s identity since its inception and continual evolution through decades of technological and industry change.
Matrox has regularly released innovative products in the market. In 2021, the company launched an IoT edge device, released new software tools that leverage deep learning capabilities and unveiled multi-4Kp60 encoders.
Matrox Imaging’s offerings are focussed on deep learning training and inference, 3D imaging and vision guidance for robotics applications – all to meet surging demand from automation markets. With industry demand for AI-driven technology and ever-more-capable vision systems, Matrox Imaging is extending the speed, fidelity and functionality of its vision product offerings, according to a statement by the company.
When Lorne M. Trottier became sole owner of Matrox in 2019, he oversaw a complete corporate recommitment to its employees and their well-being.
“This is a big milestone for Matrox, and on the heels of the past few years, it is a tremendous achievement that I am pleased to celebrate with every single member of the Matrox team,” says Lorne Trottier, president and co-founder of Matrox. “I am exceptionally proud of Matrox, the values we espouse, and our committed drive for excellence. Our mission is the same now as it was back in 1976: building exceptional products that solve real-world problems and creating technology that empowers customers to reach their goals. I raise a glass to the people and minds that have helped steer Matrox to its current position, as we look to another 45 years of ambitious ideas.”

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