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Moore Industries releases remote I/O system with alarm option

January 23, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION


Moore Industries has announced the NET Concentrator System (NCS) now has a new versatile Multipoint Analog Alarm (-MAA) option that allows users to quickly set up simple or dynamic alarming schemes.

The -MAA option uses a built-in ISaGRAF program providing a flexible alarm configuration that is accessed via the web through the onboard web server. The -MAA option allows users to configure up to 32 alarms that can be freely assigned to any of the eight relay outputs on the relay output module.

This enables each relay output to be driven by one input/alarm or multiple inputs/alarms. Each alarm can be configured as high or low with its own deadband setting and can optionally include alarming on any NCS system faults.

Designed specifically for demanding industrial applications, the modular and smart NCS remote I/O system provides a real-time signal gateway between the field or factory floor and your control strategy and handles a wide-range of signal inputs and outputs including current, voltage, relay, RTD, discrete, thermocouple, resistance or potentiometer.


The NCS features RFI/EMI protection, peer-to-host and peer-to-peer operation, full channel-to-channel isolation, data logging capabilities, superior 20-bit input and 18-bit output resolution, and installs in harsh ambient temperature conditions.

The NCS is a solution for networking new and existing legacy process sensors, instruments, and final control elements with monitoring and control systems.

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