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NetSuite: Moving to the cloud

September 16, 2011
By NetSuite

The Company: Jelinek Cork Group is an Oakville, Ont.-based cork producer with offices worldwide.

The Challenge: Fueled by a devastating fire at its corporate headquarters that impacted company servers and the data contained within, the family owned Jelinek Cork Group decided to move from its existing on-premise software system, Sentai Software, to cloud computing. Under the guidance of CEO Sonny Jelinek, this old-world business that’s been operating since 1855 makes every attempt to remain on the cutting edge of technology. Trying to manage the business post-fire made it clear that the company could not continue to be constrained by the inefficiencies of its enterprise computing platforms.

“We had already been thinking of moving to the cloud, but the fire made us seriously consider the move as soon as possible,” says Jelinek.

The Strategy: Jelinek Cork Group turned to NetSuite OneWorld to replace a wide variety of point software systems and unify business processes worldwide. The cloud solution manages accounting, inventory, CRM, e-commerce, marketing, order managing and purchasing in the Toronto-area headquarters, as well as subsidiary locations in five other countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Jelinek made a seamless cutover to NetSuite OneWorld on April 1, and has extended the solution to the entire supply chain.


“NetSuite provides our entire workflow, from the time parts are procured, through assembly, shipping, delivery and customer followup,” Jelinek says.

The Results: According to Jelinek, NetSuite provides the management team with superior global visibility. NetSuite OneWorld has enabled Jelinek Cork Group to standardize its worldwide operations on a single, reliable solution. Because NetSuite OneWorld operates in the cloud, the solution provides access and insight to Jelinek staff at any time, from any Internet-enabled device.

“I spent a month in Europe with an iPad and was able to manage the entire operations of our global business while travelling in five countries,” says Jelinek.

By replacing its existing software systems with NetSuite, Jelinek estimates that it has gained efficiencies equivalent to six full-time employees, and ensured continuity and consistency throughout the business. NetSuite also makes it faster and less expensive to train new hires.


This case study ran as part of the 2011 Software Case Study Guide in the September 2011 issue of Manufacturing AUTOMATION.

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