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OTTO Motors supports interoperability by adopting the VDA5050 standard

May 3, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

In support of interoperability, OTTO Motors has adopted the VDA5050 standard and has open-sourced its connector. The company explains in a press statement that interoperability, particularly compliance with standards like VDA5050, will play a crucial role in facilitating the adoption of automation by manufacturers worldwide. As the industrial automation industry evolves, OTTO Motors is supporting and enhancing interoperability to unlock new possibilities for autonomous material handling.

“Supporting VDA5050 is a significant milestone for OTTO Motors,” said Jay Judkowitz, vice-president of product at OTTO Motors. “By adhering to this standard, we’re empowering global manufacturers with more sophisticated and cohesive automation solutions to tackle their toughest operational hurdles. As the automation landscape evolves, it’s vital for all AGV and AMR vendors to follow suit.”

OTTO Motors explains that VDA5050 is an interoperability standard created to establish a common interface among multiple automated guided vehicle (AGV) and AMR providers. It outlines specific requirements and guidelines related to safety, performance and communication for AGV and AMR systems.

Along with InOrbit and Ekumen, OTTO Motors has made further strides toward interoperability by making its VDA5050 connector open source. This enables any ROS-based AMR to be controlled by a VDA5050 Central Control—including its competitors’ systems if they adopt the standard, says the company. Its open source code can be accessed on GitHub.

OTTO Motors further explains that it has taken steps to address the challenges of implementing the standard by conducting rigorous tests to verify the functionality of VDA5050 support in its AMRs. These tests have shown that VDA5050 compatibility can enable seamless communication and integration between AMRs and third-party controllers.

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