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OTTO Motors releases heavy-class AMR OTTO 1500

April 6, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

OTTO Motors 1500. Photo: OTTO Motors

OTTO Motors has launched the next generation of its heavy-class autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

The new AMR – OTTO 1500 – is designed to autonomously move pallet-scale loads up to 1,900 kg (4,189 lbs) through factories and warehouses, with a top speed of two metres per second.

OTTO 1500 is most commonly used to connect existing automated processes, such as connecting machining centres, welding cells, packaging cells, palletizers or stretch wrappers.

The new AMR builds upon the OTTO 1500 chassis and powertrain. OTTO 1500, along with its small and mid-sized counterparts OTTO 100 and OTTO 750, are operated by the company’s control software that has over three million hours of driving experience.


The company has overhauled the control system to use only off-the-shelf industrial components, each selected for improved reliability, to maximize uptime. OTTO Motors also offers fleet service plans to help ensure peak performance of the AMRs and a global network of certified partners for lifecycle fleet management.

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