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PODCAST: How IIOT solutions can help Canadian manufacturers recover quickly and grow further

April 11, 2022
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Bassam Zarkout from the Industry IOT Consortium

The Canadian manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented challenges. IIOT solutions can prove to be of great help in speeding up the recovery process and equipping manufacturers with the tools to grow further. Bassam Zarkout, chair of the digital transformation working group at the Industry IoT Consortium joins Manufacturing AUTOMATION for this episode of Machine Language to discuss how IIOT solutions can help Canadian manufacturers stay competitive even in trying times.

Bassam Zarkout is the chair of the digital transformation working group at the Industry IoT Consortium. He is an Ottawa-based technology executive with 30+ years of experience in technology organizations in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, including eight years in executive C-suite positions, mainly as chief technology officer. Bassam is the founder of IGnPower, an IIoT and AI strategy consulting practice. He has authored and contributed to multiple peer-reviewed papers and frameworks covering digital transformation, industrial AI, trustworthiness, data protection and IoT Security.

In this episode, Bassam talks about the impact of the pandemic, IIOT solutions available to manufacturers, adding to the bottom line and staying ahead of the curve.

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