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PyroGenesis installs new additive manufacturing production line

April 19, 2021
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

PyroGenesis Canada, a Montreal-based manufacturer, has commissioned a new production line for plasma-atomized metal powder for additive manufacturing.

The company, which in addition to powder also manufactures plasma waste-to-energy systems and clean plasma torch products, has installed the NexGen Plasma Atomization System, with a production rate exceeding 25 kilograms/hour.

Several major aerospace companies and OEMs are awaiting powders from PyroGenesis’ new production line. The company will, over the next several weeks, perform a number of test-runs to confirm batch to batch consistency.

PyroGenesis expects to start delivering powders before the end of Q2 2021.

“It was important that we incorporate these improvements into our process before locking it down for commercial orders,” says P. Peter Pascali, CEO and chair of PyroGenesis, in a statement.

“As such, we are now able to say that we are producing powders at never-seen-before production rates using plasma. We are proud to be serving the additive manufacturing industry and, once again, opening doors for further advancement.”

“While incorporating the NexGen improvements, it became clear that there were opportunities for further refinements with respect to our downstream powder process,” says Massimo Dattilo, vice-president, PyroGenesis Additive.

“In addition to the increased production rates and yields afforded by NexGen, the downstream changes that we have also incorporated into the process now allow for even further control over powder morphology, or more specifically, powder particle shape and distribution. This now provides AM printer manufacturers with opportunities to further optimize printer parameters for faster build speeds and/or stronger final parts.”

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