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Rise of the robots: how industrial robotics are solving workplace safety issues

May 5, 2020
By Jack Burton

Industrial robots are increasingly assuming the risks of the most dangerous tasks

Robots are emerging as an impactful solution to workplace safety. Photo: Imaginima/Getty Images

While we are still waiting on the arrival of flying cars and teleportation devices, workplaces around the world seem to already have one foot in the future thanks to the now-normalized — and increasingly-necessary — role that robotics have come to play in on-site labour operations.

Though their impact on the workplace is enough to show that robots have their place beyond the R2-D2s and Terminators of your DVD collection, the technology can still carry with it a reasonable amount of baggage in the minds of employees when it comes to the safety of their individual role and their workplace.

A more detailed glance at emerging robotics trends and technologies reveals a considerable amount of evidence that shows robotics, as it currently exists, is far from being a threat to human jobs or workplace safety.

In fact, robots are quickly emerging as one of the most impactful solutions to both issues.

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