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Robotiq releases robotic palletizing solution for lower throughput

October 6, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Robotiq has introduced a new robotic palletizing solution for lower throughput applications that require frequent changes of task and box or pallet size.

The new system is designed for applications of up to 13 boxes/minute. The solution can be set up for a new SKU in as little as five minutes.

In addition, this application-focused technology comprises fully connected, plug-and-play hardware and software with pre-selected functions for rapid and simple deployment with UR10.

The palletizing application can be set up in three steps on the visual robot control device, with automatic trajectory planning and collision detection, and no need for a PC or external programming.


The system delivers optimized, synchronized motion control of both the cobot and seventh axis, with seamless movements ensuring a maximized cobot life cycle.

Its compact footprint means it fits easily within any existing floor layout, with no need to reconfigure production.

Each system consists of a vertical seventh axis and control box containing PLC, drive, motor and safety relay; Robotiq’s vacuum gripper AirPick, bracket and suction cups; pallet and box sensors; cable management system; URCaps nodes for palletizer and axis control; and two status lights.

The solution is also compatible with third party safety systems such as safety interlocks, light curtains and area scanners.

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