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Rockwell outlines four areas for managing industrial risk

May 23, 2017
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

May 23, 2017 — In an effort to help industrial organizations manage risk, Rockwell Automation has outlined four key areas for managing risk at its source, including:

• Equipment obsolescence: Modernizing production systems can play a major role in minimizing downtime and improving quality, safety and security.

• Quality: Harnessing the power of existing operational data can improve quality management and help drive adherence to regulatory requirements.

• Safety: Addressing safety in crucial areas of culture, compliance and capital helps reduce the number of safety incidents and improve operational performance.

• Security: Embracing end-to-end security across facilities and enterprises helps to protect people, intellectual property and physical assets.


“We view enterprise risk management as a continuous cycle of improvement that includes assessments, technology and infrastructure,” explained Scott Lapcewich, vice president and general manager, Customer Support and Maintenance, Rockwell Automation. “Our unique blend of expertise in manufacturing processes, automation, operations, safety and security helps customers mitigate enterprise risk within their plant environments.”

“Risk management should be focused on where problems originate. In many cases, that is within the automation infrastructure,” noted the company, adding that by addressing risk in these areas, companies can “effectively manage brand-critical safety, quality, security and obsolescence challenges at their source.”

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