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RS Group and Hammond Manufacturing partner to offer custom electrical and electronic enclosures

April 10, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

RS Group is now offering more than 4,900 fully customizable electrical and electronic enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing. This is in addition to more than 2,900 other supporting products.

RS Group explains in a press statement that Hammond Manufacturing can factory-modify every one of the more than 2,100 electrical enclosures and more than 2,700 electronic enclosures that the group has in stock or available for drop-shipping during the order fulfillment process. Most modifications can be completed in just a few weeks. During that time, Hammond will submit a custom drawing for approval, machine the approved design and overnight ship a sample enclosure so customers can test it with their components and devices. Then, it will make any additional modifications necessary to ensure that it fits the customer’s expectations before shipping the final product. Customers will receive a custom part number that they can use if they ever want to order that same enclosure through RS again.

“More than half the time, after a customer receives a sample of the custom design they’ve already signed off on, they come back and ask for a small change. It’s almost never a mistake; it’s usually just something they noticed would be perfect if it were just a little bit different, like moving a hole five-thousandths of an inch, and our process allows us to make it perfect for them,” explains Tom Ballou, sales and marketing manager at Hammond Manufacturing.

Hammond Manufacturing offers more than 13,000 enclosures and related products — including power distribution equipment, thermal management solutions, transformers, tools and hardware, wire and cable products and rack mounting solutions — through the RS Group. Its electrical enclosure line includes mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-metallic, disconnect, modular freestanding, operator interface and commercial enclosures, as well as wire way and trough, climate control solutions, rack mounting solutions and accessories extending from hardware, panels and panel accessories to outlet strips, window kits and lighting. Its electronic enclosure line includes diecast, plastic, extruded, general-purpose metal, chassis, rack-mounted and industrial enclosures, as well as development board products, handles and accessories extending from feet, hole plugs and cord grips to tilt bails and pole mounting kits.


“RS is a great source for factory-modified enclosures,” said Ballou. “Although Hammond is a leading global supplier of electrical and electronic enclosures, it’s also a family company with about 1,000 employees, so our partnership with RS is really valuable. The RS sales team is unique in how knowledgeable and well-experienced they are when it comes to Hammond enclosures. Selling custom, modified enclosures requires a real hands-on relationship, and RS works closely with customers to get a comprehensive understanding of their application and help them select the best modifications for their needs. We’ve had a lot of success together so far and are looking forward to a lot more.”

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