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Suhner releases robot tools for cutting and surface finishing

December 4, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION


Suhner has released a new line of robot machine tools that can be mounted directly to the robot arm for continuous industrial use in cutting, filing or surface finishing.

Standardized connections at the robot arm and the tool are used to automate the quick change system. Connections are made quickly and reliably between air and electrical and sensor technology.

Abrasives typically have a short lifecycle. Suhner added a patented, simple quick change of abrasives system (dispose and reload) to the machine tools to simplify the change of abrasives. This allows the use of different abrasives in sequence to achieve a desired surface finish.

The newly designed servo-driven tools from Suhner are either in standard or orbital design version. Lightweight and powerful servo motors are used to obtain high speeds up to 9,500rpm made for continuous operation. All grinding tools are made with an M14 spindle to enable the use of standard, commercially available grinding discs.


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