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TE Connectivity celebrates 75 years of PIDG terminals, splices

April 20, 2018
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Apr. 20, 2018 – TE Connectivity (TE) is celebrating 75 years of producing its pre-insulated diamond grip (PIDG) terminals and splices.

AMP, TE’s predecessor company, began making PIDG products in 1943, when company founder Uncas A. Whitaker invented a breakthrough insulation support sleeve that delivered better terminal performance under high stress, says TE, noting that PIDG can be found in different manufactured products where wires and cables are used including control cabinets, power supplies, transportation equipment and appliances.

PIDG terminals and splices consist of a nylon or PVC insulation, a tin-plated copper body and a copper sleeve that crimps to the wire insulation for added support, describes TE. The wire can bend in different directions without damaging the wire insulation or conductor, it adds, making it suitable for high vibration applications.

PIDG terminals are available in ring, spade, flag and other tongue varieties, as well as in butt and parallel splices. Wire sizes range from 26 to 10 AWG (0.12 – 6.64 mm2), standard PIDG can operate at temperatures of up to 105 degrees C, while Stratotherm versions with fluoropolymer insulation and nickel plating are rated for use at up to 288 degrees C.


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