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The third German Technology Day’s Toronto edition kept attendees engaged throughout

November 3, 2021
By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Manufacturing AUTOMATION was at the Toronto edition of the 2021 German Technology Day. Check out the picture gallery below.

On October 26, seven German technology companies, Bosch Rexroth, Eplan, Festo, Murrelektronik, Pilz, Rittal and WAGO, came together to host the Toronto edition of the third German Technology Day. Held at the Westin Toronto Airport hotel, the event pulled in a steady stream of attendees throughout the day.

The opening address

Thomas E. Schultze, Consul General, Republic of Germany, Toronto, presented the opening address for the event. Schultze began by stating that it felt great to be back at an in-person event after the many virtual meetings and gatherings over the course of the past 18 months. He added that the pandemic has given everyone insights into the strengths and weaknesses of our economic systems. Disruptions in supply chains, international transport and delivery timings have caused many companies to adapt and pivot according to the drastic changes. He also noted that with the shift towards a remote work culture, companies have even set up and run production processes remotely.

Schultze said that the world has seen the value of international connections during the pandemic, especially when it comes to vaccines. The German company biotechnology company BioNTech and the U.S. pharma giant Pfizer brought out the first approved COVID-19 vaccine.  “This shows how crucial cross-border cooperation can be and will be in the future,” he said.

Talking about the event, he said, “I’m very pleased to be opening this on behalf of the true who is who cutting edge German technology companies in the field of automation. My special thanks go to Andreas Sobotta from Pilz Automation for inviting me here. You have put in much work into setting this up. You certainly are the true pillar of the German business community in Ontario.”


Schultze also thanked Yvonne Denz and her team at the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He explained that they were doing an exceptional job of connecting, representing and supporting German companies in Canada.

Of the speakers of the day, he said that they are experts with a lot of knowledge and experience in Industry 4.0 technologies. “It makes me proud to represent a country that is so innovative and competitive in the global market,” he said. He added the companies that were present at GTD to represent this high-tech sector were from German towns and smaller cities where SMEs generate income and jobs. Schultze said that these towns are the seats of world leaders in cutting edge automation technology in the field of electronics, robotics, software. These technologies are propelling industrial production in the 21st century. “Much like Canada, these companies form the backbone of our economy and prosperity,” he said.

“As two leading countries in high-tech industry, machine-building and learning, Canada and Germany are natural partners for the transition into smart automation systems across all sectors of our economies. This is particularly important as both our countries are committed to another transition, namely into zero-carbon industry, which we need to complete in the short time of two decades,” added Schultze.

He explained that the steps to transition into a zero-carbon would be unthinkable without the kind of technological expertise gathered at the GTD. “The kind of small automation technologies this event features will be crucial for managing the large-scale production and interconnectivity that we require for the transition to a carbon-free time.”

“Let me close by saying that I really look forward to today’s speakers and their presentations. I’m sure it will foster the timely cooperation between our countries that our prosperity as high-tech economies is based on. We are like-minded countries. We need to cooperate. We need to work together,” he said, in conclusion.

A celebration of Germany and German technology

The event showcased what the seven German companies had to offer to the Canadian manufacturing and automation industry. Each company presented its technology and products in dedicated sessions throughout the day. Attendees that could not come in person, joined virtually for the opening address and all the presentations. With flags of Germany everywhere and schnitzel and sauerkraut on the lunch menu, it was a celebration of the country as well. At the end of the day, a full hour was reserved for networking with the exhibitors and industry peers. The narrow hall outside The Westin Toronto Airport hotel’s Sutton Hall featured the booths of the seven participating companies. It came to life, buzzing with activity during the networking hour. The return to an in-person event in Toronto was successful indeed for the German Technology Day show.

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