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Trillium Network creates online asset map of 6,000+ Ontario manufacturers

November 24, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Information about manufacturing capabilities of more than 6,000 producers in Ontario is now available via a digital map platform developed by the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing.

TrilliumGIS is an open-access platform available to the general public and catalogues manufacturers from large motor vehicle and aircraft assemblers to craft breweries and wineries.

The platform can be used by manufacturers themselves as they seek to identify potential customers, suppliers and partners, as well as economic development officials at all levels of government, educational institutions looking for co-operative education and work-integrated learning partners, and site selectors looking for promising locations for new manufacturing investments.

“Ontario’s manufacturing sector is so large and so dynamic, and we will be constantly adding new plants, changing information, updating information and revising information,” says Dr. Brendan Sweeney, managing director of the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing, in a statement.


Users are able to identify manufacturers by industry and customize searches according to production networks, supply chains, type of business, Statistics Canada industry codes or location, right down to street addresses.

If users, for example, wanted to determine what manufacturers are located in a particular town or on a particular street in all municipalities throughout the province, the tool allows that.

Data about several thousand more Ontario manufacturing establishments will be added during the next few months.

TrilliumGIS is also a useful promotional tool for the province and its manufacturers. “As Ontario manufacturers we aren’t always good at marketing our capabilities,” says Ben Whitney, the president of Armo-Tool of London and chair of Trillium’s board of directors.

“With this simple tool, I can identify potential customers, find new suppliers and more easily understand other areas of the province that I can expand into.”

All of the data in TrilliumGIS are compiled from publicly available sources of information. Access it here:

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