Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Virtual Event
Future of Automation 2023
September 20, 2023 at 1:00pm ET

Panel discussion: Importance of interoperability for the future of automation


  • Sukanya Ray Ghosh, Editor, Manufacturing AUTOMATION
  • Jonathan Gross, LLB, MBA, Managing Director, Pemeco Consulting
  • Jonathan Weiss, Chief Revenue Officer, Eigen Innovations
  • Feisal Hurzook, Chief Technology Officer, Arcx
The manufacturing industry in Canada has already begun its digital transformation journey, with more players implementing some kind of automation solution in their facilities. With so many options from so many technology providers, should manufacturers be restricted to work with a select few companies? A panel of industry experts will discuss how interoperability could influence the future of automation. 

Sukanya Ray Ghosh
Sukanya Ray Ghosh is the editor of Manufacturing AUTOMATION, a B2B media brand that specializes in the coverage of the implementation of automation in discrete manufacturing. She can be reached at



Jonathan Weiss
Jonathan Weiss is an industrial innovation and technology executive who has worked with some of the most cutting-edge manufacturers and technology organizations around the world. He specializes in helping them reduce costs and improve their operational efficiencies by supporting the life cycle of transformational solutions while bringing resilient solutions to market. As CRO of Eigen, Weiss oversees all revenue generation activities at Eigen including the sales and marketing functions – driving sales in Eigen’s machine vision software and engineering services. He’s also responsible for growing the strategic partner and third-party vendor channels, working closely with the Eigen product development team to develop products that can be integrated and bundled with offerings from machine vision hardware vendors, machine builders and deep learning solutions providers in manufacturing.

Jonathan Gross
Jonathan Gross is managing director at Pemeco Consulting, a vendor-neutral consulting firm. He leads clients through the entire digital transformation lifecycle, including: technology architecture and planning, technology vendor selection, technology procurement, implementation, and ongoing optimization. More specifically, Jon helps Pemeco’s manufacturing and distribution clients architect and implement technology environments that integrate ERP with the edge, including IoT, analytics, manufacturing execution, quality, supply chain, logistics, and other such systems. Jon is sought after for thought leadership and speaking engagements by industry analysts, trade associations, and trade publications. He has also acted as part-time systems analysis and design MBA professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University.


Feisal Hurzook
As a professional Electrical Engineer in the province of Ontario, Feisal Hurzook has worked on high-reliability and mission-critical projects from military, aerospace and transportation to consumer and commercial touch panels and industrial process controls. Starting his career in welding automation and robots and patented designs of high-power switched reluctance motors, Hurzook went on to manage the IT infrastructure for the Ontario Government and later the F35 program at Honeywell Aerospace. This diverse knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own automation device company in the early 2000s as he witnessed a growing need in the shop floor automation space for network-connected, error-proofing devices and the industry’s need to collect vital manufacturing data in the modern factory.