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WILWorks Student Hires are a Win-Win!

Hiring students through Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium’s WILWorks program provides cost-effective labour to strengthen your current work force and deepen your future talent pool.

Finding strong talent is no easy task. Stiff competition from employers, pandemic-related challenges, and unexpected project demands can leave you scrambling. Do not get caught off guard—hire post-secondary students and receive up to $7,500 in wage subsidies.

EMC still has wage subsidies of up to $7,500 for post-secondary co-op students placed in the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms.

It’s easy to apply and easy to get started. Simply fill out the application form found on EMC’s website and one of our team members will be in touch with you. Following approval, simply post your jobs inside of the portal, receive applications, and hire the candidates that are right for your organization. Upon completion of the term/contract, submit all of your documents and get your subsidy!

Why Hire Post-Secondary Students?

A student could be your next star. Young adults bring an infectious eagerness and enthusiasm to the workplace. They offer fresh perspectives, a new way of tackling shelved projects, and often come with robust, best-in-class training. They complement staff in existing roles, help fill in gaps during periods of peak demand, and help free-up veteran workers for tasks better-suited to their skillset.

Which Jobs Qualify?

The WILWorks program is designed to focus on jobs in the manufacturing sector. Not only are they available for production floor positions, roles like those in human resources, finance, graphic design, and I.T. also qualify. Additionally, if you and your company do not directly work in the sector, you may still be eligible if a sizable portion of your business comes from a manufacturing, or a manufacturing-related sub-sector. Please contact Wendy Gray at for more information.

Get talent and get started with EMC’s WILWorks program. Find out if you are eligible and apply today. The application process is quick and simple.


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