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Virtual Event
Automate to Innovate: Manufacturing efficiency emerging from COVID-19
July 29, 2020 at 1:00pm ET

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KINITO provides information packaging and management support services, helping organizations distribute critical Maintenance, Operations, Safety and Training information anytime, anywhere on different hand-held devices, web, and eLearning management systems.

In this ever-changing world, management and its workforce face tremendous pressure to adapt to the new realities. This is particularly true when it comes to procedural effectiveness and the need to keep the workforce updated and trained.

The development cycle when it comes to designing, packaging and distribution of critical information throughout the organization, needs to be swift and precise, particularly when in areas such as maintenance, safety and production. In addition, these functions must be tied together utilizing tools that enhance employee participation and knowledge. In these highly competitive times, information exchange within the organization is not only desirable, it is mandatory!

During the last decade, we witnessed the tremendous acceleration in areas of learning, from traditional classroom training to social/collaborative and personalized mobile learning, helping to reduce life cycle costs while improving operational efficiencies for many organizations.

At KINITO, we specialize in designing and delivering world class learning systems that ensure critical information gets in the hands of managers and employees at the “speed of need”. Our unique products and software development, along with customized delivery methods, can be found no where else in the industry.

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