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Vention’s 3rd generation pendant technology offers remote support worldwide

May 19, 2023
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Photo: Vention

Vention has released its ‘Remote Support’ offering worldwide, ahead of showcasing the technology at Automate 2023 from May 22 to 25. This will allow manufacturers to receive on-demand, high-priority automation and deployment support from Vention’s Customer Success team.

This new release is accessible through Vention’s 3rd generation pendant technology, which features a double built-in camera, voice streaming, HMI screen sharing, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 13 inches touchscreen display.

“As industrial automation is being democratized, the emerging class of practitioners are expecting the same level of customer service they receive from their favorite B2C companies,” says Etienne Lacroix, CEO of Vention. “We are talking minutes to initiate a customer support intervention with full contextual awareness of the equipment hardware and software.”

As customer expectations are rapidly rising in terms of assistance, the introduction of Remote Support became a natural evolution of the Vention Manufacturing Automation Platform, explains the company in a press statement. Upon initiating a support call with Vention, the customer success team will gain full awareness of the machine, from the hardware and firmware versions, to real-time I/O state, to the program running on Vention’s MachineMotion controller. This step ensures timely support and active user guidance can be provided by Vention’s Customer Success team who consistently provide service level above 96 percent for response time within the promised time. The company consistently achieves a world-class net promoter score above 75.


Vention’s newest pendant, Pendant V3, will allow manufacturers to benefit from the Remote Support experience.

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