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AI & Predictive Maintenance: ERP Best Practices

May 19, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

AI & Predictive Maintenance: ERP Best Practices

What is artificial intelligence (AI), how can it integrate into your business and why should you care?

In the Industry 4.0 era of digital transformation, manufacturers want to reduce production times and costs while increasing quality and revenue.

Manufacturing AUTOMATION and Pemeco Consulting are presenting a quarterly webinar series, Integrating the Enterprise: ERP Best Practices, which will provide your business with the tools it needs to get started on its Industry 4.0 journey.

Next up in the series:

AI & Predictive Maintenance: ERP Best Practices | Thursday, June 20 | 1 pm ET | 45 minutes
In the second instalment of Manufacturing AUTOMATION and Pemeco Consulting’s four-part webinar series, speaker Jonathan Gross, managing director of vendor-neutral ERP consulting firm Pemeco Consulting, discusses how artificial intelligence enables machine learning to allow plants to perform predictive maintenance.

You’ll learn:

  • How artificial intelligence, software and hardware work together to integrate the enterprise
  • The difference between predictive and prescriptive analytics, and how they can help your business with process optimization
  • How to prepare your existing data and systems to incorporate deep learning
  • Techniques to correctly implement new analytics technologies

This webinar will provide valuable tools, templates and guides that will help you plan and budget for changes to your technological and organizational architectures as your company embarks on the path to digital transformation.

Sponsored by: Microsoft Azure


About the speaker

Jonathan Gross, LL.B., M.B.A.
Jon is managing director at Pemeco Consulting, a vendor-neutral consulting firm. He leads clients through the entire digital transformation lifecycle, including: technology architecture and planning, technology vendor selection, technology procurement, implementation, and ongoing optimization. More specifically, Jon helps Pemeco’s manufacturing and distribution clients architect and implement technology environments that integrate ERP with the edge, including IoT, analytics, manufacturing execution, quality, supply chain, logistics, and other such systems. Jon is sought after for thought leadership and speaking engagements by industry analysts, trade associations, and trade publications. He has also acted as part-time systems analysis and design MBA professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University.

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