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Beckhoff introduces expanded EtherCAT I/O series for incremental signal analysis

October 13, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Beckhoff Automation has introduced new EL51xx EtherCAT Terminals with built-in incremental signal analysis functionality.

These four new high-performance I/Os feature eXtreme Fast Control (XFC) technology and enable analysis of incremental signals in the controller.

The new EtherCAT Terminals acquire incremental signals with high frequencies up to five MHz and feature many parameterization options and integrated functions that enable optimum adaptation to control tasks. Each terminal offers an integrated sensor supply, which is parameterizable to five, 12 or 24 V.

Users can connect encoders with differential RS422, 5 V TTL or open collector interfaces. Based on internal pull-up resistors, no external wiring is required for open collector analysis. Additional 24 V digital inputs can save, lock and set the counter value.


The EL51xx series now includes:

  • ¾ EL5102: 2-channel incremental encoder interface, 5 V (RS422, TTL, open collector)
  • ¾ EL5112: 2-channel incremental encoder interface, 5 V (2 x AB or 1 x ABC RS422, TTL, open collector)
  • ¾ EL5122: 2-channel incremental encoder interface, 5 V single-ended (TTL, open collector)
  • ¾ EL5131: 1-channel incremental encoder interface, 5 V with two parameterizable 24 V DC outputs

A wide range of additional integrated functions, such as rotary axis functionality, workpiece measurement and standstill monitoring enable data pre-processing directly in the I/O terminals.

The measurement of period, frequency and speed with a resolution of 10 ns is also available.

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