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In his latest column, Paul Hogendoorn shares how empowering the right people and encouraging #leaders in the company can help grow your business.
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Read all about how #manufacturing customers are reaping the benefits of a successful partnership between Black Controls Company and @RittalCanada!
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#canadianmanufacturing is on a strong recovery path, according to S&P Global's latest Purchasing Managers’ Index survey. Results from May show continuous growth for the past 23 months.
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Conformal Adhesive Coatings
Master Bond

Master Bond Inc. conformal coatings consist of epoxy, silicone, polyurethane and UV curable systems. These low viscosity, solvent free Master Bond compound...

Deburring – Custom
Vibra Finish Limited

Custom deburring from Vibra Finish Ltd. can help give your parts a smooth and consistent finish. When it comes to finishing parts, there’s no one-siz...

photoelectric frame sensors
Photoelectric Frame Sensors
IBIS Electro-Products Corp.

Photoelectric frame sensors make up one of many great Dietz Sensortechnik tools we carry at IBIS Electro-Products Corp. This line is equipped with various ...

Machinery Repairs
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

Lincoln Electric can provide a range of products for machinery repair. Firstly, we offer a wide selection of replacement parts for welding, cutting, and au...

Half Mortise Locks
Capitol Industries Inc.

Capitol Industries Inc. offers a portfolio of security solutions unlike any other. More than 80 per cent of our lineup consists of cam locks, but a lot of ...

Alps Welding Ltd

We design and manufacture stacks for your specific need and application. In industrial work, the wrong stack can be structurally unsound, suffering from co...