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Pressure Valves
Wainbee Limited

Wainbee Limited can supply a wide range of pressure valves from the best manufacturers. Our group of suppliers includes such highly-trusted names as Butech...

Thread Lockers
Henkel Canada Corporation

Henkel Canada Corporation has a wide selection of thread lockers that offer reliable resistance to vibration, shocks, and extreme temperatures. They provid...

Frasers Product
Protective Closures
M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc

MM Plastic (Mfg) Co. Inc. is a specialist in injection molding with extensive experience manufacturing protective closures. We work with a broad selection ...

Packaged Air Conditioners
Exair Corporation

EXAIR compressed-air powered Cabinet Cooler systems are a low-cost, maintenance free and reliable way to cool and purge electronic cabinets. EXAIR Cabinet ...

Brushless 36V DC Gearmotor Capable of Producing up to 450 In-lbs of Continuous Torque
Midwest Motion Products, Inc.

Midwest Motion Products, Inc.: The Leaders in Rapid Prototyping of High-Quality Motion-Control Solutions Model number: MMP BL86-425E-36V GP81-068 Descrip...

Belt Tensioning
Brecoflex Co L L C

We offer belt tensioning solutions for your timing belts. Often, your belts need the right amount of tension to function properly. A loose belt is slowed a...