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Our team is so excited to share that Maxime Blouin, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Raven, is named Top 10 Under 40 by @AutomationMag!

Learn more about Max and his win here:

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In his latest column, Paul Hogendoorn shares how empowering the right people and encouraging #leaders in the company can help grow your business.
Read all about it here 👉

Read all about how #manufacturing customers are reaping the benefits of a successful partnership between Black Controls Company and @RittalCanada!
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Protective metal conduits
Protective Metal Conduits
IBIS Electro-Products Corp.

At IBIS Electro-Products Corp., we supply a broad variety of conduits manufactured by Flexa GmbH & Co., which produces cable products in Hanau, Germany...

Electric Welders
Red-D-Arc Welderentals

Sometimes, it’s just not worth investing in welding equipment that you’re only going to use a handful of times. That’s where Red-D-Arc...

Flexible Electric Portable and Retractable Cords
Brim Electronics Inc.

Our goal is to provide companies across North America with high quality electronic wires at competitive prices. At Brim Electronics, we manufacture many ty...

Vibrator Finishing Ceramics
Vibra Finish Limited

We offer vibrator finishing ceramics that help clean, deburr and polish your parts. Any product you sell needs to look and perform at its best. But freshly...

Air Conditioning Equipment
Hi-Tech Duravent

A broad range of flexible hose and ducting for air conditioning systems are available from the industry’s leading manufacturer. Just a few of the mat...

Cutting Machines
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

A wide range of cutting machines is available from Lincoln Electric. We offer everything from handheld portable plasma cutters to large CNC plasma cutting ...