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SPONSORED: The resilience of the supply chain depends on #data and the use of #AI in problem spotting and risk mitigation. @microsoftcanada’s Sherief Ibrahim shares how Microsoft’s new Supply Chain Platform helps organizations stay at the top. 👉

Nov. 30! Join us at 2 pm ET for a #webinar on DIY #cobot implementation. Learn how the @JEBearing team integrated @Universal_Robot cobot and @Robotiq_Inc grippers themselves to reap the benefits of #automation. Register today 👉 #AutomationinCanada

SPONSORED: @BoschRexrothCA recently opened the doors to its new Customer Experience Centre in Burlington, Ont. Check out this #video to see what the company has envisioned for the new facility and how it will collaborate with customers there.

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Humidity Sensors
Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Humidity sensors of many types are available from Chevrier Instruments Inc. We can supply humidity probes, transmitters, data loggers, and more. Our variou...

Frasers Product
P & A Plastics Inc.

P & A Plastics is your first choice for extruded and cast polyamide nylon. We supply a variety of extruded and cast nylon grades to match your project&...

Cutting & Drilling Coolants
Century Machine Inc

We can supply cutting and drilling coolant that will carry away excess heat and debris. Using our fluids will help you achieve a fine surface finish in all...

Vibrator Finishing Ceramics
Vibra Finish Limited

We offer vibrator finishing ceramics that help clean, deburr and polish your parts. Any product you sell needs to look and perform at its best. But freshly...

Shock Absorbers
Rosta Inc

Rosta Inc. Canada is the Canadian distributor of the Swiss company Rosta AG’s products. Since 1945, Rosta has manufactured shock absorbers and other ...

Motor Winding Temperature Sensors
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. can supply a wide variety of products for stator winding and bearing protection in motors, pumps, generators and more. Our moto...