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#MATop10Under40: Meet the future leaders of the Canadian manufacturing #automation space. Simon Drexler of @atsautomation, featured in our inaugural Top 10 Under 40 program, is inspiring innovation and change.
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Our team is so excited to share that Maxime Blouin, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Raven, is named Top 10 Under 40 by @AutomationMag!

Learn more about Max and his win here:

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In his latest column, Paul Hogendoorn shares how empowering the right people and encouraging #leaders in the company can help grow your business.
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Neoprene Rubber
Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.

Brand Felt of Canada Ltd. supplies open and closed cell sponge neoprene rubber in various sizes and hardness levels. Open cell neoprene sponge rubber is id...

Coupling Nuts
Advance Fasteners Ltd

Coupling nuts are available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. Also known as extension nuts, these fasteners are used to connect two male threaded parts such thre...

Motion Industries Canada

are used in many applications to create a reliable barrier against leakage of air, oil, water, and more. Just some of the types of gaskets we can provide i...

IPEX Management Inc.

With the goal of providing customers with quality products, IPEX Inc. engineers and manufactures a wide variety of fittings, pipes and valves. With decades...

Flat Belt Drives
Brecoflex Co L L C

We offer flat belts to help improve the transmission in your workplace. Whether you want to convey, drive or power your machinery, our belts offer great va...

PTFE Expansion Joints
Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO) can provide PTFE expansion joints. These spool-type flexible couplings can compensate for movement and reduce no...