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Half Mortise Locks
Capitol Industries Inc.

Capitol Industries Inc. offers a portfolio of security solutions unlike any other. More than 80 per cent of our lineup consists of cam locks, but a lot of ...

Custom Glass
Pegasus Glass

Pegasus Glass can fabricate custom glass products to suit practically any need. Our glass cutting capabilities allow us to easily accommodate requests for ...

DIN Connectors
ODE Valve Canada

Valves, pumps, and gear motors: this is a primary reason why customers continue to trust ODE Valve Canada after 60 years of high-quality industrial supplie...

Advance Shipping Supplies Inc

We have strapping suitable for all your packing or shipping requirements and we’re known for going above and beyond to ensure our customers get every...

Gas Detectors
Arjay Engineering Ltd.

Gas detectors for a wide range of applications are available from Arjay Engineering Ltd. Our detectors are used in a wide variety of facilities including r...

					tank cleaning
Tank-Cleaning Devices
John Brooks Company Limited

We offer a wide range of tank-cleaning devices at John Brooks Company Limited, all by Alfa Laval. These are perfect solutions for every tank, tote, and ves...